The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas for Christmas stocking fillers as it can be literally anything from sweets to money if you’re lucky!

We are firm believers in not stereotyping when buying gifts but there are some amazing ideas for men and women – of course, you could change these up as you see fit but this might be a helpful guideline to your next shopping trip.

Stocking Filler Ideas For Him:

  • Electric beard trimmer or shaver. If you want to go old school you could buy him a straight razor kit.
  • Aftershave.
  • A personalized pocket knife with his name or initials on.
  • A beautiful cigarette lighter.
  • A small collectible item like a desk size car that fits into a series of other collectibles.
  • Beard oil and accessories.
  • Hairstyling gel, wax or cream.

Stocking Filler Ideas For Her:

  • Cellphone accessories like a new cover with an interesting design.
  • Makeup vouchers (because buying it yourself can be complete chaos).
  • Perfumes or scented body lotions.
  • Headphones for when she goes on her morning run.
  • Tiny soaps made from different things like tea leaves and charcoal.
  • Facemasks.
  • A pair of warm Christmas themed socks for her to sleep in when it is cold.
  • A new pair of Yoga pants.
  • Never underestimate the impact chocolates can make. Find a box of chocolates that have all the chocolates still in wrapping, take them out of the box and fill it up!
  • It is important not to go overboard, blowing your budget on stocking filler ideas and then having nothing left for actual gifts. Keep it simple, keep it classy and keep in mind that it needs to be small enough to fit into an oversized sock. If you want to learn more about stocking filler ideas or Christmas gifts, visit our site today.
  • You can see Arfificial Christmas trees here