Glass ornaments are beautiful, and many people find that putting these types of ornaments on their trees is one way to make their tree look extra special. However, one of the biggest issues that people have with ornaments is that they break easily. From year to year, it seems harder to keep these glass ornaments safe and ready to use for the next year. With this being said, follow these steps to store your glass ornaments safely so that they are going to be able to be used from year to year. 

  1. Wrap these glass ornaments into acid-free paper or a paper towel. The more cushioning the better so that these are protected. 
  2. Never wrap ornaments together. These need to be wrapped individually. Ornaments can hit one another and easily shatter. 
  3. Put these into a box. If you are using a cardboard box, use extra stuffing in the box to ensure that the ornaments are safe. You do not want to put the glass ornament next to the outside of the box without a layer of protection. Simply transferring these boxes can result in glass ornaments breaking. 
  4. Consider purchasing a plastic storage box that is made specifically for ornaments. It offers individual slots for glass ornaments, that can ensure they are even safer while being stored over the year until the next holiday.
  5. Label the box so that everyone knows the breakable glass ornaments are in this box. Just because you may be the usual person to take down and put up Christmas decor, does not mean that later down the line someone else may do this. 
  6. Store this box on its own. Do not stack boxes on top, even if you think that the box is strong enough to hold something else. This is a great way to find broken ornaments later when you are using these ornaments due to the shifting of weight on the ornaments.
  7. When putting ornaments out, you want to only use sturdy branches to ensure that these branches will be able to hold the weight of the glass ornaments. 

Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, and they are great additions to any tree when decorating. However, the key to having this year after year is treating them well. This means taking the time to wrap and store them right, while also ensuring that you are hanging these right on the tree!

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