Quintessential holiday decoration is the Christmas stockings. Traditionally it is hung over the mantle above the fireplace. It is so on Santa’s arrival through the chimney they will be easy to spot and be filled with lots of gifts. The question now is, where do we hang them when there is no fireplace? This is a common problem for many families in the Christmas season. 

Some apartments do not have a fireplace, thus creating a problem during the holidays as the family does not have a place to hang their stocking. Lucky for you, this isn’t a problem at all as they are a lot of other sites your sock can be attached and still be spotted easily by Santa.

· Stocking holder

This one of the easiest ways to hang your stockings; Stocking holders are standalone wood or metal holders who are quite cheap and easy to get. With stocking holders, you can hang your socks in the living room against the wall beside your completely decorated Christmas trees.

  • Curtain rod hanging

Your Christmas stocking on the curtain rod adds some lair of festivity to your curtains. Though you might have to be wary of how many gifts you hope Santa would stuff in them. Using this method means working with what you already have in your space and makes things easy

  • Wooden ladder

A small wooden ladder could also do a good job when it comes to hanging your stockings. It might look out of place on its own, but it is still capable of getting the job done. Using it is easy; all you need to do is rest it against the wall with the stockings on it.

· Strings

With strings, your stockings can be on a shelf or against a wall. This super easy method still has the same look the same with those hanging from a mantle.

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