Christmas is a big deal, no matter what part of the world you find yourself. You might already be accustomed to the Christmas traditions in your country or state, and it’d be refreshing to know how other people around the world celebrate the season. What would be more intriguing is experiencing Christmas somewhere completely different from your city or country. Learn about a few; 

1. Ukraine

Have you heard about the legend of the poor widow who had no decorations on her tree? Well, she woke up to find golden webs all over her tree, it glittered. In Ukraine, the Christmas tree decoration is not complete without spider web-shaped decorations. It is done usually in honor of the poor widow. Christmas celebrations here are incomplete without charity. 

2. Spain

For Spaniards, Christmas celebrations come with a special dish. The pastry is made with such ingredients as honey, sugar, almonds and egg white. The dish is served usually during Christmas. That recipe is known to have been in the country since the 16th century. 

3. Nigeria

Nigerians celebrate Christmas as a form of homecoming. Different families travel to their home states where they celebrate the holidays with the rest of the extended family. Dishes are exchanged among neighbors, and people generally attend church services either on Christmas Eve or early on Christmas day. Special delicacies would be prepared, prominent among which is the Nigerian jollof rice with chicken. 

4. The United States of America 

Christmas here is traditionally an affair with the family. It’s a time to get together as a family to enjoy the season. Christmas is never complete without the exchange of gifts. It snows heavily at this time of the year; skiing is one of the outdoor games that are common around here. 

No matter the place, Christmas is a time to be happy, relaxed, and free.

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