Sometimes when Christmas is already here and is yet to get your Christmas card, this situation can put you in a tight place. At other times you can go into the store, but getting the right Christmas card can prove difficult: when you want something personal and match your personality as well as your style. When these occur, you might have to settle for designing and creating your card. You can quickly achieve this using Photoshop and a bit of creativity. You can make a beautiful and personalized Christmas card that will be to your taste a style.

Before getting started on designing your card, you need to take into consideration what kind of card you are going to create. You can go with a one-page card or a front and back version or even a bi-fold card.

The first step in using Photoshop in making your Christmas card is creating a Photoshop document; the size should be 14″ tall by 10″ full. This paper will be folded along the center of its height to get a landscape Christmas card. For printing, it is best to leave a 1/8 inch of space around the edge of the printed surface.

Another essential thing to do next is choosing the image you will use in creating the card. This image could be your family photo, or one could be gotten from the web. After that, the image is placed in your file.

After this, further use of Photoshop in making your Christmas card is easy. To get instructions to help you further in creating the Christmas card, you can watch an online video on how to make a Christmas card. For most people, further use of Photoshop to create the card comes naturally. Whichever category you belong to, making a customized Christmas card is quick and easy.

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