When do you start decorating for the holidays? For many people, they often wonder whether it is time to start getting out the decorations and getting the tree set up. Are they doing this too early? Is it too late? The good news is that it is never too late to decorate your tree. Even if this is a week before Christmas, you still have time to get this tree up and getting it looking beautiful. However, for those who are planners, when do you plan on decorating this tree? 

Sooner May Be Better

A new study has shown that those who decorate a tree and get their holiday decor up earlier are often happier during the holiday season! So, it may be better to do this sooner than you originally thought. Why are people happier? It could be that they are no longer stressed about having to get this decor up and shown off. Or it could be that the lighted tree and decor in the house simply making them happy about the holidays being here!

Be Traditional

One of the most traditional days for decorating your artificial Christmas tree is the day of Thanksgiving or the day afterward. This is especially true for those families who may have kids off to college, yet who are home during this holiday weekend. You will find that many people use Thanksgiving as the point of reference for when they will decorate their tree. 

The First Snow

For those who live in northern climates, many people often go with the time of the first snow to get their tree up and out. However, this only works if you have a snow season that is on par with the December month. Many people like this tradition as it invokes thoughts of staying in on a cold night and decorating a tree. 

No matter when you decide to decorate your artificial Christmas tree, it is sure to get you into the holiday spirit. With this being said, remember the old saying that your tree should not come down until after the first of the year. Why is this? It is said that by leaving your tree up until the New Year that you are inviting good luck into your life. Plus, who doesn’t want to have a little extra time to marvel at the beauty of your artificial Christmas tree all decked out lights and ornaments?! 

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