Making Christmas decorations can be exhausting, but it is a gratifying effort. As your guests gush over the beauty and perfection of what you have done, those happy smiles that come from your satisfaction are enough reward. Most importantly, you would be treating yourself to a fantastic Christmas atmosphere. Christmas wreaths and a decorative piece can be gorgeous. A single piece can transform your front door, or anywhere else you choose to place them. You can take it a lot further than that. Some ribbons around or on top of your wreath can make all the difference. How can you make a ribbon gorgeous than it already appears, take a look at these suggestions

1. A single bow 

       You could make your ribbon into a large bowl. That bow would be nothing less than beautiful right at the center of your wreath. That little circle that might be empty could be out to some brilliant use. Just make a simple bow and place it stylishly with the ring. Let the bow be a bit closer to the top than the middle and let the rest of the ribbon drape within the circle. It is a beautiful look. A large bow on top of the garland would be great too. 

2. A few tiny bows

     You know how your wreath can hold a few berries and balls, that wreath can equally hold a few bows. When you are making more than a single, be mindful of the size to avoid an overall clumsy look. Your artificial Christmas wreath would look a tonne greater with a few bows adorning it on every side. 

3. A long piece of ribbon

       It is not compulsory to make a bow out of your ribbon. You would do an excellent job weaving that ribbons around the wreath. The outcome would surprise you.

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