When you are decorating a Christmas tree, the idea is to have a tree that almost glows with light. Those dreamy nights of sitting by the tree with only a fireplace going can be easy to create in your own home. We have a few tips that can help you to get that glow with any prelit tree!

  1. Be careful of where you are placing the ornaments. One of the biggest problems that people have is that they place these ornaments in a way that is going to block the light from shining. This is especially true when using Christmas ornaments that are solid in color. The key is to place this ornament near the light, but not directly over top of the light. 
  2. To truly make this prelit Christmas tree glow, try to put this in a darker part of the room. You will find that having overhead lights near it will not let it shine as it should. Choosing a dark corner is a great start to getting the glow, and it will have the added bonus of lighting up the whole room!
  3. Use ornaments that can reflect some of the lights that are on the tree. Choose to use ornaments that can reflect the lights that are on the tree or even those Christmas ornaments that are covered in glitter, as these can reflect the light beautifully.
  4. Transparent ornaments are going to magnify the lights that are on the tree and can be a great way to make there appear to be even more light on the tree than what there truly is. Make sure to detour through your local store to find out what ornaments they have that could fit this definition.

Why should you try to get your prelit Christmas tree to give out that alluring glow? You will find that this will make your entire room feel as though it is decked out in the Christmas spirit! Remember that when you are purchasing your prelit Christmas tree to think of the space that you have which will determine the size. The good news is that since these are prelit trees, they are going to have the number of lights that are recommended for the size of the tree that you purchase. When you have the right ratio of lights per the area of the tree, you are going to find it even easier to get that glow which means Christmas is right around the corner!

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