Christmas is not all about the lights and the trees, they all make Christmas beautiful, but they have to be completed by the scents. That Christmas atmosphere has to be decked with the Christmas scents to have a complete Christmas experience.

You have probably celebrated Christmas year after year without pausing for a moment to enjoy the different scents that are prevalent during the season. This is to help you remember a few things that happened in the year and make you take a moment to appreciate them this Christmas.

1. Open fire

        That fireplace you probably have ignored for a while is about to come alive again. You don’t get to enjoy the beautiful scent of open fire every day. You are tempted to spread your hands over the fireplace and enjoy the warmth it provides for you.

2. Snow

      Snow has a fresh and clean scent that invites you into the cold; you don’t want to go on without appreciating that scent this Christmas. It will all clear up soon, so make the most of it. That refreshing, fresh scent is just beautiful; it’s only a matter of time before you tilt your head upward to inhale that scent very slowly.

3. Cookies

        Christmas scents are not complete without the rush of air that comes in from the oven, and the whole house becomes wrapped up within a few minutes. Take a minute this Christmas to pause and let in that scent, of course; you won’t be able to stop the watering in your mouth and probably, the grumbling in your stomach as you enjoy that scent.

4. Turkey

      You don’t need to be told before you recognize the scent of turkey wafting in from the kitchen, you may not be able to help yourself as you hold on for a moment to take it all in. That’s not even all, the pleasure that comes from knowing that you will soon be savoring the taste is just Christmas!

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